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Welcome to Humble Pokemon Daycare

Artist: creeeen
Parody: pokemon

29 pages
205 966
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (54)
  1. ew
    ew 30 July 2019 02:39 Reply
    fucking disgusting. idk why this is a fetish but its as bad as the tentacle fetish. who likes a girl getting raped by multiple men.
    1. Meh
      Meh 30 July 2019 03:06 Reply
      You are here to masturbate over cartoon porn and you are disgusted by something? Really? It's a fk*n porn, so chill out and don't read it, if you don't like it.
      1. 73ap37
        73ap37 30 August 2019 17:08 Reply
        people that enjoy this and comics like this have a special place for them in the bottom of an incineration pit
        1. Good Samaritan
          Good Samaritan 29 September 2019 07:41 Reply
          You know, it's not the person's fault for getting an erection over this. Their body just has a phenomenal response to forceful sex.

    2. Chickenugger
      Chickenugger 30 July 2019 06:49 Reply
      I bet you fucking like vanilla porn you filthy normie
    3. Spellimg Bot
      Spellimg Bot 30 July 2019 06:53 Reply
      1. Some dude
        Some dude 30 July 2019 06:54 Reply
        1. Spam
          Spam 19 November 2019 18:02 Reply

    4. Nessa
      Nessa 28 May 2020 01:34 Reply
      you do know that this can also be a fetish for a girl. to find yourself trapped and to be fucked for what appears forever.

      you're right!
    5. Despacito
      Despacito 23 July 2020 21:07 Reply
      That’s kink shaming. And it’s hot cause it’s a gang bang. Also at the end it wasn’t rape she submitted to them and wasn’t resisting.
      1. Mr Serious
        Mr Serious 1 March 2021 17:17 Reply
        Woah hold up lets get this straight that was rape- It's fine if it's just a comic and all but you gotta know the difference between consensual sex and rape.

    6. Meh
      Meh 24 October 2020 06:12 Reply
      Mate, if you aren’t a fan of it, leave the page and don’t comment. If somebody gets turned on by this, so be it. Don’t harass them. If the person has said that they were going to rape somebody, that’s completely different. It’s fictional porn, grow a pair and quit your whining. 
      1. Marth Fire Emblem
        Marth Fire Emblem 24 October 2020 08:45 Reply
        Succumb to the wholesome supremacy
  2. Guest bruh
    Guest bruh 30 July 2019 05:22 Reply
    really who tf comes to see porn then complains about it if you don't like it piss off and stop complai
  3. Nigga moment
    Nigga moment 30 July 2019 10:40 Reply
    Y'all are literally arguing in the comments section of a rape porn comic
    1. Satin 2.0
      Satin 2.0 30 July 2019 11:47 Reply
      Hmph, fukin complaints, untill 50 years ago we didn't even have internet.
      It's fukin hard to keep the rouders from melting and to keep everything connected.
      1. zoomer
        zoomer 18 November 2019 06:12 Reply
        okay boomer
  4. Lucid dream
    Lucid dream 30 July 2019 22:15 Reply
    Huh good thing i can control my dreams so i can change this
  5. Giorno
    Giorno 30 July 2019 22:51 Reply
    Stop looking at porn and look at my finale
    Fate is a sleeping slave 
    1. Guest Bruh
      Guest Bruh 2 August 2019 01:13 Reply
      1. Josuke Higashikata
        Josuke Higashikata 5 November 2019 03:30 Reply
      2. Gabe
        Gabe 24 November 2019 16:55 Reply
        LMAO IK RIGHT?!
    2. Guest Bruno Bucciarati
      Guest Bruno Bucciarati 27 December 2019 15:26 Reply
      You're not the real giorno
      His sweat tastes worse than yours
      1. Guest Bruh
        Guest Bruh 27 December 2019 15:39 Reply
  6. Simolino
    Simolino 31 July 2019 12:54 Reply
    I like rape porn 

  7. smh
    smh 31 July 2019 18:31 Reply
    smh yall acting like this is the worst comic on this site this is pretty tame go watch hentai its worse then this u fucking 11 year olds
    1. Giorno
      Giorno 31 July 2019 21:09 Reply
      In fact I'm 15 and a gang leader and get the fuck out of here before I seven Page Muda your dick off

      1. Dio
        Dio 1 August 2019 01:56 Reply
        ZA WARUDO
        1. Giorno
          Giorno 1 August 2019 06:57 Reply
          Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda WWWWRRRRYYYY Muda Muda MUDA!
          1. i see, your a man of a culture as well.
            i see, your a man of a culture as well.
            1. Satin 2.0
              Satin 2.0 21 August 2019 19:37 Reply
              I see your a man of culture as well.

          2. Guest jotaro kujo
            Guest jotaro kujo 4 February 2020 13:50 Reply
            toki wa ugokidasu

      2. smh
        smh 1 August 2019 06:38 Reply
        ima  naruto run your dick off smhsmjsjdjforgssmh
    2. 7 year old titty
      7 year old titty 6 January 2020 08:55 Reply
      I AM 7 THANK YOU
    3. Grinch
      Grinch 16 February 2020 12:27 Reply
      Ang leader?! Don’t make me laugh! You couldn’t lead a horse to find water let alone lead a group of people. Stop being the pussy I know you are and you just might get somewhere in life
  8. Bloss44
    Bloss44 1 August 2019 19:03 Reply
    So many haters on here..? Then why come to here anyway I mean you clearly see .”rape” right? 
    1. Guest Elijah
      Guest Elijah 23 November 2019 07:31 Reply
      Hello although i watch this kinda stuff because its what i pathologically like  i still find it evil and disgusting even though i like it so i have to constantly hate myself for doing things that i hate and the fact that this is a problem for me is serious and i hope that i can stop before it takes over my life.
  9. jotaro_kujo
    jotaro_kujo 8 August 2019 12:15 Reply
    Yare yare daze all you people are starting to be piss me off
    1. Josuke Higashikata
      Josuke Higashikata 5 November 2019 03:29 Reply

  10. 잉
    13 August 2019 03:27 Reply
    크린님 픽시브에서만활동하는게 아니었군요
  11. Guest Yeet
    Guest Yeet 7 October 2019 09:16 Reply
    I honestly only come here to read the stories, not because of the hentai
    1. Nice
      Nice 4 November 2019 08:46 Reply
    2. Married to my right hand
      Married to my right hand 10 December 2019 19:58 Reply
      Reading the hentai for the plot :(
      reading the plot for the hentai :)
  12. Joske
    Joske 5 December 2019 05:04 Reply
    Die the ones that hate jojo
  13. Stupid in the brain
    Stupid in the brain 6 December 2019 14:52 Reply
    While this is disturbing it's not the worse comic I've seen. Trust me this is sort of okay compared to darker shit.
  14. Guest Jonathan joestar
    Guest Jonathan joestar 29 December 2019 00:49 Reply
    What the frick are you guys doing here, this is not something a gentleman should watch!
  15. D4rk3R
    D4rk3R 7 January 2020 08:46 Reply
    I just love seeing those comments
  16. Yuumi
    Yuumi 9 October 2020 03:18 Reply
    Meow! ^^ 
  17. odd
    odd 13 October 2020 20:40 Reply
    there's only one guy in this whole comic who's face shows all the features.
    wouldn't be a surprise if that was the face of the artist, living his own sick fantasy.
  18. F
    F 11 December 2020 12:47 Reply
    Better than raping someone lmao

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