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Sweet treats

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Pinkie and cheese sandwich try to bake the best cake for princess celestia.

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (26)
  1. Guest Lust
    Guest Lust 27 August 2019 01:16 Reply
    Now I get that I'm supposed to approve, but can we just stop with the My Little Pony bullshit?  Cause if this keeps going there will be more My Little Pony than there will be Incest.
  2. The Unknown Soceity
    The Unknown Soceity 27 August 2019 05:22 Reply
    Stop shitposting MLP porn, nobody wants to see a fucking childs tv show made into porn. You now have eyes on you.
  3. Giorno Giovanna
    27 August 2019 05:38 Reply
    Fellas Fellas lets cut the shit half of the porn comics on here are cartoons but mlp just has an art style thats triggering and posting multiple porn comics on this one style doesn't help it isn't even sexy i come here to nut after a day at work not to see two. Horses fucking But hey i bet bronys are having a field day on this site eh why did a bunch of fat middle aged men wearing pony gear and holding stuffed animals yelling at little girls about how a horse is better than another outside my door I'm gonna die say it with me
    Fuck Palcomix
  4. Tod Graymoon
    Tod Graymoon 27 August 2019 06:38 Reply
    Giorno Giovanna if your unhappy find a new site for example,

    Hope you find what you looking for.
  5. Guest Elijah
    Guest Elijah 27 August 2019 08:38 Reply
    Wait, people are getting upset over mlp porn? I thought that ended like 4 years ago..?
    1. UnDe4DPh0en1x4434
      27 August 2019 14:28 Reply

      no my friend it has not and now this insufferable cancerous prick is going around hating on mlp comics and has also started a war and i have been forced to respond due to the fact that i can't stand another fucking bad comment or review. so if you, like me, absolutely fucking hate this cunt and can't stand another word that he says, join me and together we can bring this bastard down!. join me and free this site of haters everywhere! join THE BRONIES ALLIANCE!!! z
      1. UnDe4DPh0en1x4434
        27 August 2019 16:12 Reply

        i have been visiting this site for at least 4 or 5 years, i also have various accounts ( don't ask why ) and not once have had anyone like Giorno spiting bad shit on mlp comics. the reason for that is because i never bothered to read the comments section before. i just read the comic and jacked off. which is what this site is for. a safe-ish place to go to enjoy some nice porn and blow your load regardless of what kind of porn you are reading. but this piece of shit is going around and judging other people on what they are reading and i'm sick of people doing that here. just nut off and get on with your life. and if you don't like this specific type of porn, go read something else and stop hating on anyone who does. so join THE BRONIES ALLIANCE TO STOP PEOPLE LIKE GIORNO FROM JUDGING AND HATING OTHERS FOR WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO DO!!. JOIN ME FOR OUR DAY OF LIBERATION!!! anyone is welcome. day 5 people of the BRONIE ALLIANCE!!! 
        1. SilverPleasure
          28 August 2019 10:19 Reply
          You're right! All of this is unnecessary.
  6. Jfd
    Jfd 27 August 2019 22:00 Reply
    Hell porn is porn
    1. JaeWoo
      28 August 2019 00:03 Reply
  7. Giorno Giovanna
    28 August 2019 02:39 Reply
    My Porn site brothers This is s porn site you are supposed to jerk off but when you keep posting shit like this people start to hate it i don't judge you for liking this stuff but i am kinda kinkshaming you and I'm sorry for that but i don't take back nothing i said the MLP comics need to take a break then come back we don't need 13 porn comics based off Mlp in a few weeks of uploads this is like only seeing horse porn who the fuck wants to see horses having an orgy I'm not complaining about the quality of the comics I'm taking about your salty ass for me kinkshaming you fuck palcomix and fuck Mlp that's a show for little girls you thought i was sincere nope let the war go on and must of my reviews aer for fun don't come with your butthurt comments but for the bronies that are just joking around like me i got no hate towards you i just don't want to wake up too fucking ponys doing it on a porn site my dudes like what you like i can't change that and words on a screen shouldn't hurt so much as to post paragraphs of text oh wait (Looks at my keyboard) I've become the butthurt bitch Noooooooooooooo
    1. UnDe4DPh0en1x4434
      28 August 2019 03:46 Reply

      you do realise that you are the one who started this right? yeah i guess you're kind of right about the multiple uploads thing but come on man, this is a PORNOGRAPHIC WEBSITE. people are going to post whatever comic they want regardless of what we or other people say or think. so just accept that fact and move with your life. nut off or fuck off dude
    2. SilverPleasure
      28 August 2019 10:17 Reply
      Couldn't you simply ignore it ? Couldn't you simply DON'T CLICK AND WATCH THE FUCKING COMIC ? There is no problem in criticise, but being a hater and screw up the comments section is unnecessary and unpleasant, please think about it.
  8. Giorno Giovanna
    28 August 2019 06:31 Reply
    Okay I'll just find good comics on the web (Unrealistic) but still tho fuck palcomix They're cancer for drawing this shit I'll nut to halve and say fuck to halve but still fuck palcomix

    Review: Yes this is an actual review no jokes i don't know their names I'll use the ones above Pinkie and cheese lay their and have a flashback. they are throwing a party for princess celestia and they're are arguing over a berry to put on the top of the cake crushing it rendering they're argument meaningless then cheese licks the frosting off her then..... Come on giorno you said this wouldn't be biased but why does a horse has a pussy or a dick well after you know princess celestia compliments..wait wait the frosting Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck FUCK! ​Well the story is bad but good drawings so 6/10 but you get 1 point deducted for that fucked up.ending see i can be unbiased (In my head) (Disgusting who came up with this shit kill me now end my suffering) That is the last time i fap to Mlp ha ha Delete Me 5/10
  9. TheBoss2187
    28 August 2019 07:46 Reply
    Part of the great thing about this site is that anyone can post anything and comment whatever they want. Yes it's annoying to wake up every day and know I have to go read the same bullshit mlp comics day after day because recently they have just kept cumming. However reading the comments, while amusing, gets old as well so is there any way we can all just lay a little and hope the site returns to some semblance of normal. 
  10. Monolith guy
    Monolith guy 28 August 2019 23:09 Reply
    За Монолит

  11. Guest Elijah
    Guest Elijah 30 August 2019 15:00 Reply
    I agree that porn is porn, we all have our own kinks and turn ons
    I just don't think this is right belittling others for enjoying this content. Yes, there has been a surplus of the MLP posts, but if it's what the artist and writer wanted to do... let them
    Now, let's just sit back and enjoy these stories in peace 
    1. UnDe4DPh0en1x4434
      31 August 2019 02:48 Reply
      took the words right out of my mouth. as we aussies say go down to your shed, take a teaspoon of cement and harden up. we have got enough problems in the fucking world without people here going around and saying ''oh this comic is shit'' "this comic is terrible" "there are too many mlp porn comics" just fucking grow up aleady. if you don't like it, then just hit the unlike button. the button is that little red thing. leave us and the artist and writer the fuck alone and stop complaining like little girls
  12. Giorno Giovanna
    31 August 2019 03:54 Reply
    If your stories are stupid and fucked up i have the right to say fuck you to everyone associated with this comic that's why it's called a comment section if i want to call you a faggot i can call you a faggot thats my comment and i really don't care about your problems dude you say we act like little girls when half bronies rape and yell at little girls over a fucking show made for little girls I'll leave my dislike and my comment then leave 
    1. UnDe4DPh0en1x4434
      2 September 2019 03:18 Reply

      it goes both ways and the feeling is mutual. x
      1. UnDe4DPh0en1x4434
        2 September 2019 03:27 Reply

        also you're not perfect either so get fucked you whiny little bitch
        1. Giorno Giovanna
          2 September 2019 06:25 Reply
          Bro you can suck my golden dick at least we didn't get another shitty rushed mlp comic this week Passione 1 Brony alliance 0
  13. Irma J Pedro
    Irma J Pedro 7 February 2020 15:07 Reply
    Dude wtf is going on rn.. I get that people hate mlp porn because come on its animal's fucking and no one wants to see that (I don't want to). But it's the internet just fucking deal with it just saying bad things about is not going to change anything, just try to avoid it and stop babying about it. I'm not picking sides 

    I mean seeing cartoons ponys fucking each other with somehow big cocks is really not cute

    But saying bad things and making fun of people with like the show is not really helping. If they like the show they like the show we are all humans here no need to fight.

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