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Ashe's Day

Artist: cosmic
Parody: overwatch

5 pages
34 613
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (35)
  1. The doctor
    The doctor 1 January 2020 02:30 Reply
  2. Tom Trench
    Tom Trench 1 January 2020 02:31 Reply
    Fuck, I was late to claim
    1. Sparkiesteight
      Sparkiesteight 1 January 2020 22:05 Reply
      Fuck u limp dick son of a bitch tom

  3. Yuusha no hobosareru
    Yuusha no hobosareru 1 January 2020 02:40 Reply
    Damn you normie
  4. a smug hat kid
    a smug hat kid 1 January 2020 03:01 Reply
    Fuck off man I'm on discord
  5. Valentino
    Valentino 1 January 2020 03:03 Reply
    The art is bad but i like the fetish
  6. Perfect Cell
    Perfect Cell 1 January 2020 03:19 Reply
    HAPPY NEW PERFECT YEAR!!! (From italy)
  7. President Duterte
    President Duterte 1 January 2020 03:24 Reply
    I have replaced yuusha no hobosareru and the whole Philippines is supporting smug hat ki
    1. President Duterte
      President Duterte 1 January 2020 03:26 Reply
      Potang inang cellphone Toh walng kwentang Nokia basta di ako papayag sa American Senate na palalayaan di yung potang Leila de Lima 
      1. President Duterte
        President Duterte 1 January 2020 03:27 Reply
        Potang ina Mali palagi typing ko 

  8. Zero Faps
    Zero Faps 1 January 2020 04:10 Reply
    I still claim dis
  9. Alastor
    Alastor 1 January 2020 04:49 Reply
    Good but the artstyle could be better 8/10
  10. Jakestraps
    Jakestraps 1 January 2020 08:18 Reply
    How often do you check the website XD
  11. mirage
    mirage 1 January 2020 08:27 Reply
    Happy new year from all legends (and pathfinder)
  12. TotallyNotPyro
    TotallyNotPyro 1 January 2020 08:49 Reply
    As an Ashe main... I disagree. 2/10
  13. Alastor
    Alastor 1 January 2020 09:05 Reply
    Happy New Years to everyone
  14. Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard 1 January 2020 09:05 Reply
    Quite terrible 4/10
  15. Lord Shaxx
    Lord Shaxx 1 January 2020 09:43 Reply
    happy new year niggers
    1. Saint 14
      Saint 14 2 January 2020 09:23 Reply
      Shaxx old friend! What are you doing here? Aren't there some young guardians you should be yelling at?
  16. Porn Inspector
    Porn Inspector 1 January 2020 09:58 Reply
    ah yes duterte we are all in for a ride
  17. Lucifer. Allpowerful Demon Lord
    Lucifer. Allpowerful Demon Lord 1 January 2020 11:21 Reply
    And I will be happy to ride you all down to HELL!
  18. BigTimeSinner
    BigTimeSinner 1 January 2020 12:52 Reply
    I spent my whole New Years alone
    And now I have to beat my sadness out of me
  19. Royal Knight Clinton
    Royal Knight Clinton 1 January 2020 14:04 Reply
    Looks like Duterte and yuusha will never return on this site because they lost a bet on me mwahahahhahahahah I will make this site for the Draco Empire and that imposter yuusha dares to steal my identity
  20. Yusuke Urameshi
    Yusuke Urameshi 1 January 2020 14:15 Reply
    It's not even that bad. They aren't trying too hard and it seems like they're just going with the flow. i really fuck with the artstyle, its not like everything else here on the website. I give it a 7/10, a lower rating for a lack of plot and length on the comic. 
  21. Tadano Hitohito
    Tadano Hitohito 1 January 2020 15:06 Reply
    Uhmm have you seen Komi San 
  22. Vanilla Ice and cream
    Vanilla Ice and cream 1 January 2020 15:58 Reply
    Since Giorno disappeared, until he shows up again I'd like to join the Smug Hat Kid's side
  23. Soul King Brook
    Soul King Brook 1 January 2020 16:09 Reply
    Wow JoJo accounts still exist I thought all of the JoJo accounts became the Hazbin Hotel accounts, baby
  24. Kamen Rider Decade
    Kamen Rider Decade 1 January 2020 16:11 Reply
    6/10, a bit too short
  25. Dope head
    Dope head 1 January 2020 16:32 Reply
    Happy new year cunts new year new me so all of uz cunts get on Ur knees and suck ma Maori dick
  26. wichie
    wichie 1 January 2020 16:36 Reply
    I love Ashe but they did her dirty
  27. Porn Inspector
    Porn Inspector 1 January 2020 18:53 Reply
    you all owe me 2$ visa mail it so its around 100 in my country
  28. Outlaw
    Outlaw 1 January 2020 23:12 Reply
    Hi everybody
  29. a smug hat kid
    a smug hat kid 1 January 2020 23:23 Reply
    Yuusha got me
    1. Tadano Hitohito
      Tadano Hitohito 2 January 2020 10:01 Reply
      Uhm have you seen Komi San I heard last time she was with yuusha with manbagi
  30. Will
    Will 2 January 2020 13:36 Reply
    This ain't it

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